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Welcome to DigitalKE, the kenyan digital market place. Buy and sell websites, blogs, mobile apps, softwares and domain names in Kenya. I am glad you found time to look at this website and possibly browse through the Digital products ie websites, blogs, domain names and mobile apps listed for sale here in Kenya. Let me Break down the word DigitalKE. This is simply a combination of the word Digital and KE. In electronic commerce, digital goods is a general term that is used to describe any goods that are stored, delivered and used in its electronic format. Digital goods are shipped electronically to the consumer through e-mail or download from the Internet. Usually when you purchase digital goods online, after payment has been received the merchant will provide you with your digital item as an e-mail attachment or they may provide you with a secure link where you can download the item. Examples of digital goods include e-books, music files, software, digital images, Websites, Domain names, blogs, mobile apps, Web site templates, Softwares manuals in electronic format, and any item which can be electronically stored in a file or multiple files. The extension KE stands for KEnya. Just like in the Derivation of the Currency codes worldwide, the currency code for KEnya Shillings according to ISO 4217 is KES, KE for Kenya and S for Shillings.

This website DigitalKE.com offers a platform where people can list their Digital products and specifically Websites, Blogs, Domains and Mobile apps for Sale in KEnya. The buyers can browse through the listed catalogues and also be able to buy the Websites, Blogs, Domains and Mobile apps listed for Sale in Kenya. At the moment, the platform is not fully automated and therefore the buyers have to meet with the sellers to conclude the selling or buying of the Websites, Blogs, Domains and Mobile apps in Kenya. Simply put, DigitalKE is an online portal where buyers and sellers of Websites, Blogs, Domains and Mobile apps in Kenya can meet and do business.


The person behind this Website;

My name is Geofrey Nalianya (Infamously known as Jeff Nali), and I am the creator of www.digitalke.com .  I grew up with a passion for Technology and Finance and always wanted a platform to learn and share my skills. My passion pushed me to do a Self-taught ‘Degree in Computer science’ and a little bit of Web development and web design (self-taught too) and had to find a platform to share  the great ideas I acquired in my quest for knowledge. The drive to build websites pushed me to come up with this platform because i thought there could be somebody else with the same passion as mine, which is, building website, mobile apps, blogs and other digital products. Most of these developers barely have time to devote in developing the websites and blogs they build because they are working on developing other projects and therefore the need to sell off some of these websites, blogs, mobile apps and domains may arise. On the other hand, there are people with the urge of developing an online presence by use of websites, blogs, softwares, mobile apps or domain but they lack the expertise needed to develop these websites, blogs and mobile apps. They therefore would prefer to buy the already developed ones and personalize them.  This is the platform for the two individuals to Buy and sell websites, blogs, domain names and mobile apps in Kenya.

About Me:

Allow me to formally introduce myself to you: My name is Geofrey Nalianya (Infamously known as Jeff Nali) and I am very passionate and enthusiastic about Technology and finance and everything about making and managing finances online through all forms and revenue models both in the long and short runs. I was formerly educated as a bachelor degree in Computer science in University Of Nairobi, and later followed my passion in Finance to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce science in the same university. In going about my profession, I also have much more time for this website.

I am an average person who believes in we got one life to live. I know one thing for a fact is: Experience is more important than money, and lots of cars. Web development helps me to live my passion, and from last one and a half years I’m living that dream of mine.

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